Ironwood™ Guiderail is the Solution.

Crash tested to NCHRP 350 test level three requirements and accepted
for use on the Federal Highway System.

The 8 inch diameter log with its 4 inch x ¼ inch galvanized steel channel
imbedded in the back is mounted on a 5'-3" driven steel post. A 6 ¾" wood
offset block faces the post completing the unique combination of aesthetics
and safety. The 3" I post is driven with standard Guiderail equipment. Installation
is swift, economical and leaves the existing landscape undisturbed.

If desired galvanized portions can be powder coated to most any color you choose. Click here to view our Ironwood™ Guiderail Solutions.

We have recently been added to the Online AASHTO Roadside Design Guide. To access our barrier in the Guide please click here and then "Browse Barrier Hardware" under Name / Designator column, SGR08a.

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